Moist, delicious and nut-free for school lunches. Making them mini makes them perfect pop in your mouth snacks on the go for kids and parents!

momstown is enjoying all the colours of the rainbow in our Art & Play events as well as with our Junior Chef programs this month! You and your child can "eat a rainbow" with these great snack ideas and tips.

We are big fans of Kraft foods and Master Chef Canada, so when they posted this recipe, we had to try it! What an amazingly light dessert for spring or summer! A sure hit at any backyard bbq or party!

We’re all looking to add protein into our diet and with kids sometimes parents need to sneak it in. Adding beans and legumes into baked goods doubles as extra protein and a way to minimize fat contents.

Our Junior Chefs events always have great meal ideas that get the kids involved in the preparation, teach them about nutrition and empower them to make healthy choices! We love these pizza muffins as a great twist on a classic pizza night. Add the toppings that your family loves and enjoy!


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