As moms we need to stay fuelled for our families (to fight off those colds that everyone is bringing home) and this protein packed salad is an excellent make-ahead meal that you can grab out of the fridge for lunch or whenever hunger hits!

Looking to "lighten up" your family's meals this year? We know that we're not alone when we say that momstown moms are happy that the holidays are over and that mealtime schedules are back to normal!

For Christmas, the girls received an Abby Cadabby waffle maker that makes heart shaped waffles and better still - HEART SHAPED WAFFLES on a STICK! I knew right away this would be perfect for Valentine's treats for the class.  We had a blast assembling all of our ingredients neede

I'm looking for new ways to add vegetables to our meals and lighten up on the carbs, so a friend of mine was making a spaghetti squash lasagna the other day and it inspired me to grab this cool squash at the store.

You might even want to host your own Olympics Party with friends, neighbours, momstown members or family. Here are some silly and fun crafts we found online- great ways to get the kids in the kitchen and have some Olympic fun while you eat!


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