You might be having a special family dinner on Easter, but we all know that we also love this holiday for the chocolate and treats! Plan a fun day of Easter crafts and make time to create some fun treats as well!

The big Superbowl game is this Sunday and your hubby has invited 10 of his closest friends to a SuperBowl Party at your house!

Whether it's for the Big Game (like the Super Bowl) or just a family dinner, comfort food like chili is a perfect winter meal! The great thing about cooking chili is that anything goes!

We all know New Year’s resolutions are much easier to make than they are to keep, but keeping them doesn’t have to be hard if you have a plan. Here are 10 ways to get healthy in 2013. If you had to choose a top New Year’s resolution from this list, which one would it be?

Fresh Canadian chicken plays an important role in a healthy diet and lifestyle, which is why Swimming Canada has recognized “chicken as the official protein of swimming in Canada.” momstown moms know that not only is swimming an important life and safety skill to teach their kids


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