The door opens after school and in run the hungry, hungry kids, fresh off their math or gym lesson with grumbly tummies!

This is filled with lean ground chicken, veggies and a spinach ricotta cheese mixture.

What's the one thing that every mom hears when the kids first come home.... what can I have as a snack? Some kids might love to help make their snacks and do homework while they bake, others might like to have it all laid out on the table to dig right in after a long day of learning! Whether you're grabbing a snack on the go or settling in to do some homework, it's a struggle to come up with healthy snacks for kids afterschool each day.

Here are 15 easy, fun, and quick ideas for school lunches that are nutritious, unique, and easy to prepare.

We have some great school lunch meal ideas to pass along to you for their lunch box, but we also asked moms on Twitter for the real TIPS to ensure that the lunch box comes home empty!


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