Are mini eggs your weakness at Easter? They sure are for me! Makes this adorable and decadent and very simple chocolate nests for your mini eggs! A cute Easter or spring treat to make with the kids.

Blow the doors down this St. Patrick's Day with this amazing corned beef hash, recreated by our resident foodie, who braved a lineup to try it at an authentic eatery. Top o'the morning indeed!

By Kara Heald

I hit our local bulk store to stock up on some simple recipe ingredients to do some fun baking with the kids during March Break. Using pretzels and white chocolate melting wafers, you can create this yummy St. Patrick's Day treat!

East Coasters and purists, avert your eyes. This fast, easy, after-school 'chowder' uses creamed corn to fill in for the roux and cream that go into the real thing

By Sonia Verma

Challenge: Raid the pantry and see what delicious creation I could make with what was already there 
Outcome: The ultimate momstown burrito—flexible, fast, filling and delicious
Bonus discovery: Addictive, restaurant-quality corn salsa that takes minutes to throw together!

By Kara Heald


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