This is a very quick and easy fall recipe from Nelson, our resident "Dad in the Kitchen".

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm trying to think of what to make. I'm not a great cook and I want dinner to be perfect. Silly actually because all that really matters is that the turkey gravy is delicious, right? Well that's what my mother taught me anyway. You can cover all sorts of imperfections so long as the turkey gravy is hot and delicious.

Don't throw our that turkey carcass! You can make your own homemade stock - easy and freezeable for making your own soup.

This Pumpkin Bread is my family's favourite! They love to help bake it and they love to eat it!! I tend to increase the amount of pumpkin from the recipe (like double it to get more veggies into them!) and decrease the sugar by about 1/4.

These are so tasty - the perfect Fall apple treat. Crispy on the outside with warm soft apple on the inside. Kids can help make the batter and decorate with icing sugar.


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