Fresh, vibrant asparagus, flavourful cheese and smoky bacon combine in an easy yet elegant tart that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

By Kara Heald

Sunday mornings have always been big breakfast days around here. Daddy's special pancakes are usually on the menu. The kids are asking more and more to get involved, the crack the egg, to use the griddle so Sundays now have a new name: Family Chef Day. Essentially it means the kids are way more involved and we have agreed to a morning full of a messy kitchen

We love ham for the holidays; Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here are 5 simple glazes that will make your guests keep coming back every year!

Got a lot of eggs? A quiche can be your best friend on the buffet and is a great dish to prep the night before and reheat in the morning

Do you think CARROT is the Easter Bunny’s favourite cake??? This would be a delicious dessert to make over Easter.


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