Let your kids mix and match their favourite cereals and add-ins for this lightning-fast, healthy snack, perfect for when you're rushing from school to practice and need something fast, light and nutritious

By Kara Heald

A quick white sauce takes the place of canned soup in this hearty casserole from the Chicken Farmers of Canada's free digital cookbook

By Kara Heald

These cookies are a must-have every winter for my family. Even the cookie avoiders in my family -- yes, we have a changeling -- ask for them. The candied ginger is a fantastic touch, but if you skip it, they are still delicious.

By Sonia Verma

After a night of decking the halls, this is comfort food at its best: Warm, cozy, versatile! Use our base recipe -- and secret ingredient -- and add in meat or vegetables to your liking. Try it for pot lucks or lunch, too!

By Kara Heald

These classic shortbread cookies are simply standard at Christmas at our family gatherings. They freeze great, making them the perfect make-ahead recipe for a snowy day when the kids are home

By Ann-Marie Burton


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