Easy Olympic Torch Craft

The Olympic Games provide many wonderful teaching moments and opportunities to connect with your kids. With the 2012 Summer Olympics in London just a few weeks away, have been trying to incorporate as many Olympic related projects as possible into our day to day activities.

Olympics tissue paper sports

"O" is for Olympics- Olympic Flag Craft for Kids

"Opportunity" also begins with the letter "O", and I was not about to pass this one up. We dug out our craft supplies, and created our own "O is for Olympics" alphabet craft.

Olympics cutting colours patterning flags

Montessori Inspired UK Flag Activity Set

One of the wonderful things about the Olympic Games is that kids have the opportunity to see flags from around the world.

Olympics flags montessori patterning

Are We There Yet: Our Virtual Trip to the United Kingdom

In our house, we love to travel and learn about different cultures and countries. From taking an actual trip to visiting an ethnic restaurant or listening to music from another part of the world, the kids are almost always game.


Book Review - A Cuddle for Little Duck

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to take a trip to the pond.  Pack a picnic, a magnifying glass or binoculars, a net, some crayons, a notebook and a camera, and let your little scientists observe and explore the plants, insects and animals that live there.  From leaf


Community Craft

Mother's Day "I Love You" Photo Craft

Mother's Day keepsake - Bouquet of Photo Flowers

Footprint Mother's Day Cards at Baby Basics