momstown moms love to use materials they have laying around the house for simple crafts for kids just like this Dinosaur craft from a paper plate and toilet roll. With dinosaurs on our minds this month at our community events, we are looking for lots of ways to get the kids involved in learning more about these prehistoric beasts! This craft is a stegosaurus dinosaur.

Dinosaur month at momstown is full of fun crafts, silly dino snacks and lots of learning about different types of dinosaurs! We love this simple craft to get kids to think about where they dinosaurs would live. Using recycled and natural ingredients can make the perfect dinosaur habitat or diorama.

Is your little guy obsessed with cars and tracks? Does he love all these that move? We love the idea of hosting a Hot Wheels birthday party for your track builder this year!

momstown moms and kids will be learning all about Dinosaurs this month at all of our events across Canada, including our Tales for Tots programs! Since literacy is such an important Pillar at momstown, we wanted to share our picks for the best Dino books for kids of all ages!

Does Dad love coffee or just anything made by his little ones? We love this mug craft that uses your child's thumbprints to make a keepsake that Dad will treasure this Father's Day.