Toddler friendly Pipe cleaner and paper flowers

This is a simple and fun craft that can be done by both toddlers and preschoolers... the toddlers will just need a bit of extra help but will be proud as punch to have these displayed on the table!


St Patrick's Green Pepper Shamrock Painting

Did you notice the shape of a green pepper? Looks like a …. Shamrock or clover! You’d think it was made for paint stamping!

St. Patrick's Day food painting stamping

Two Easy Easter Basket ideas!

Two easy Easter basket artwork ideas.

Easter painting eggs

5 DIY Valentine's Card Mailboxes

momstown will be holding Valentine's playgroups in communities across Canada this February - and as our little ones exchange cards, here are five great ideas for mini mailboxes that kids can make themselve

Rainbow streamer craft for St. Patrick's Day decoration

Make these great window hanging decorations for St. Patrick's Day with your kids! It's a fun colour activity as well as makes a nice decoration for your house.

St. Patrick's Day paper plate rainbow colour decorations


Community Craft

Mother's Day "I Love You" Photo Craft

Mother's Day keepsake - Bouquet of Photo Flowers

Footprint Mother's Day Cards at Baby Basics