A quick how-to on making a six-point snowflake that distills wisdom from Pinterest, Instructables and a sunny afternoon worth of trial and error

By Ann-Marie Burton

Forget Frosty, we're calling our new snowman Fluffy! Whether you're still waiting for snow or just reluctant to bundle up, this is the snowman for you: puffy, white, and absolutely unmeltable

By momstown Staff

Too cold to stay out for long? Well, if you don't want to take the kids out into the snow, bring it inside to them! All you need is a container to haul it in, and you're set for hours of cheap entertainment

By Ann-Marie Burton

There's really nothing better than hosting a pajama party for a few friends or even for your own family! Kids will love to get in on the fun planning, decorating, doing crafts and maybe even staying up late! Here are some fun ideas to host a pajama party at home with the kids!

The kids want in on the fun this New Year's Eve and there's no need to go out: You can create a fabulous kid-friendly party in your own house!