Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfec time to teach your child about the changing of the seasons and what's new for spring! Here's how to start a conversation about gardening, and how to create a learning window garden

By Ann-Marie Burton

Celebrate spring! Use your toddler's foot to make this cute spring robin craft, either with a painted footprint by cutting out paper

Visiting your local dollar store can be a lot of fun with your little crafty child! We picked up these flower pots in various sizes and decorated them for fun spring gifts and keepsakes

Nothing says spring like a satisfying splash in the mud. It's a great sensory activity for kids, and a fun reminder to parents that hey, little kids are washable, but these memories will leave a lasting mark. So dig out those rain boots and have a good wallow!

Capture your littlest bunny's footprints this Easter in a fun way for the memory book