Looking for some children's books that can help kids get comfortable with the idea of heading off to school? Try these 5 great books about back to school!

Back to school this week - and back to routine meant for this mama, time to get the kids a bit more organized for the morning rush! Our school starts early and there's no time for dawdling - and my older son is sometimes up and downstairs before I am. Which is great, except when the TV goes on and the list isn't yet done... can lead to major morning drama.

Check out this super cute lunchbox note idea to help reassure kids who are nervous about going to school.

momstown moms and kids are learning all about pets this month at our community events, so we wanted to teach the babies, toddlers and preschoolers the ASL sign language for 'pet'! What a fun way to add to their knowledge and sign together!

Summer is here and you have a busy preschooler or toddler. momstown has all the ideas to keep your little one busy this summer, make family memories and have some fun!