Easy Easter Napkin Rings

You know that momstown moms love to get creative around the holidays, so what better way to dress up the Easter dinner table than to create homemade napkin rings. Using a toilet roll and an egg cut out, you can make adorable decorations for this Easter.

Easter decoration eggs mixed media party ideas

Paper Mache Planet Earth for Earth Day

Paper Mache is a big art project to take on but a memorable one for an important day like Earth Day. Created with everyday recycled supplies it's also an earth friendly project.

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Tissue Paper Easter Egg Art

Scraps of pastel tissue paper can be transformed in a pretty Easter egg picture for your mantle.

activities for kids Easter eggs tissue paper craft

Make a Bunny Easter Basket from a Kleenex box

My kids wanted to make homemade Easter baskets this year, so we looked in the recycling bin to see how creative we could get! Taking a Kleenex box, and simple craft supplies, we made a bunny Easter basket with a carrying strap!

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Salt Painted Cross for Easter

It is the reason for the reason, and there are crosses around us to celebrate Easter this month. Introduce your child to this beautiful symbol with some easy crafts.

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Community Craft

Mother's Day "I Love You" Photo Craft

Mother's Day keepsake - Bouquet of Photo Flowers

Footprint Mother's Day Cards at Baby Basics