Spring is here! Try these 25 cheap (or free!) ways to have fun together and learn about the amazing changes happening around you

Are you able to leave the nagging guilt at home with the diaper bag? And what about restaurants that want to be kid-free zones? Also today: Today's Parent looks at Strong is the New Pretty; 5 facts about Hillary Clinton; and a CBC quiz

By Sonia Verma
National editor

Taking over parental leave nine months in, I figured it would be fun, and some first-class Daddy-baby bonding time. Maybe I'd chip away at my reading list in my down time, or learn a language. You're laughing right now, aren't you?

By Geoff Treen

You don't have to take a class, but are you seriously going into labour and childbirth with your fingers in your ears, refusing to even think about it? Like any marathon, knowing what's ahead and what your options are make it easier to stay the course

By Megan Powell

Today's roundup has a great article on intervening when you see someone being bullied; Sesame Street's kid-friendly Game of Thrones sendup; The return of the mighty Brontosaurus; and a handy interactive look at birth-control

By Sonia Verma