Resolving to do better is great, but remember to cut yourself some slack. Parenting expert Ann Douglas offers encouragement, tips and advice to help turn resolutions into reality

What were the best apps -- we're talking tech, not hors d'oeuvres -- and best books of 2014? What did Canadian kids play online, and what were the best baby names? Our partner sites dish up a useful, fun hit of nostalgia. And yes, that is an alpaca

By Sonia Verma

Mad about people who -- let's just say -- take the "Elf" out of "Shelf"? Or irritated by those who claim the entire season is solely about him?
In the season of love and compassion, let's try to unclench a bit and find some grace about good wishes, however they're phrased
By Sonia Verma, National Editor

Moving is stressful for everyone in the family home, especially school-age children. Parents and educators weigh in on how to make the transition easier

By Jennifer Pinarski

When parents split up, the holidays get more stressful than ever. Here's how to help make the memories happy ones

By Emma Reilly