Get outside this summer to a local campground or beach! We've got family-friendly options to recommend all across Canada, whether you're pitching a tent or just enjoying an afternoon at the lake.

Our friends at Kids' CBC can't wait to see you this summer! Mark July 16 & 17 on your calendar and come to the CBC at 250 Front St. West. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your visit!

momstown is the place to go for great camping ideas, snacks, crafts and activities to enjoy with your family this summer!

Dr. Worobec discusses the gender bias in the home and how some parents don't teach their kids to do all the chores at home. Here are some great tips to help level the playing field.

I have a busy house full of my kids, their friends, neighbourhood kids, and an assorted number of random drop-ins. I’d rather not sound like the meanest mommy on the block, so I have a few key phrases that allow me to say “NO WAY” to my kids, without using those exact words.