About a dozen years ago, my siblings talked me into buying a cottage with them. It has worked out great – we share the cost and the work among the four of us, and the property gets a lot of use! On the rare occasion we’re all there at the same time, it makes for eight adults and 12 kids enjoying all the good stuff cottage country has to offer.

There are lots of first time hockey families rushing around this September looking for the perfect gear, equipment and apparel for the upcoming hockey season. If you are a first time hockey mom, this can be completely overwhelming!

It's probably something you remember doing as a child - going to an orchard and picking your own apples! We've asked our chapters across the country to come up with the best locations in their regions so you can grab your kids and get picking!

Becoming a mom is the best feeling ever but it's okay to feel that at times, you need some time alone.

Dr. Worobec discusses how important movement is in raising healthy kids. Practicing what you preach is great advice!