Coming up for air after watching Season 3 of House of Cards? Meet Frank Underwolf. And for those of you who ALSO have #TheDress fatigue, skip ahead to Vaginal Fallout. You won't be disappointed

By Sonia Verma

How do we raise our kids to respect the value of money, staving off the "gimme gimmes" but not making them anxious about it? Talk about money and set some ground rules, make budgeting a part of life, and don't waste your time on guilt when you don't hand them everything on a silver platter

By Louise Gleeson

Children with autism often have little impulse control and a powerful drive to wander away that gets them into scary situations. Their parents are always, always on the lookout for the next big danger. Here are some tools and tips that can help keep your child safe

By Tara Wilson

Teaching toddlers and preschoolers to share is perhaps one of the least enjoyable parts of parenting! After all, mommy doesn't share her toys with her friends, does she? Moms, Dads, and little ones will relate to Pig the Pug, who has to learn the hard way that sharing is part of life (until you're old enough to buy your own 'stuff'!)

by Ally Cooper
(she doesn't like to share either)

Young parents mistakenly think that writing a will is something old people do, but this legal document is vitally important, as momstown learns

By Jennifer Pinarski