Join CAA in finding the Worst Roads in Ontario

What’s your driving pet peeve? Is it potholes, poorly timed traffic lights, road congestion or unsafe conditions when you drive or walk your kids to school?

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge Comes to Life

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge gives kids the opportunity to interact, learn, and play with one of the most intricate, and unique Hot Wheels tracks Canada has ever seen.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day- Advice for #FutureMoms

I just watched the most inspiring video for World Down Syndrome Day. This incredible video has grown children with Down's Syndrome helping a pregnant mom-to-be answer the question of "will my baby be okay" after she learned of his diagnosis in utero.

Kids are NOT Mean

Are kids really mean or is it something more? Julie Cole explores one of her pet peeves.

There is NO Safe Amount of Alcohol When You're Pregnant

Many popular myths still endorse drinking alcohol as culturally acceptable when pregnant. Many people still believe alcohol is okay to consume in moderate amounts while pregnant. But the reality is there’s no safe time, amount or type of alcohol when you are pregnant.