What would you do with your placenta, an organ that grew specifically to nourish and sustain your unborn baby? Should I smush mine into a smoothie? Eat it in dried, capsule form? Eat it as is? Or go with the same tribute we chose for our older child?

By Megan Powell

Sure, they can't spend four seconds in the same room without turning feral, but that's just now. As siblings grow, the hostility often wanes, leaving loyalty—and yes, even friendship—in its place

By Ann Douglas

The Duck Says by Troy Wilson is a charmingly illustrated tale of a Duck who says much more than just 'quack!' Preschoolers and toddlers will enjoy the rhyming verse and all of the animals (and bees!) that the Duck meets along the way

Reviewed by Ally Cooper

April Fool's Day is a fun day for kids of all ages to get in on the tricks and pranks. momstown has assembled our list of the top ideas for this year's pranksters.

But no thanks to the breastmilk facial; And Hilary Duff talks about green hair and a famous bikini photo

By Sonia Verma