There are often discussions about what NOT to say to parents about their children with autism. I wrote about it myself – how some innocent questions and comments can actually be painful for a mama raising a child with autism. Although well meaning, some comments have the opposite of the intended effect.

Do your kids love fireworks and Canada Day fun? momstown communities are gearing up for an exciting Canada Day this July 1st, 2014! Here is a listing of fireworks and Canada Day family events, from our communities across Canada including Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia regions.

Finishing the school year is a big milestone. Whether your child is making the leap into Kindergarten in the fall or just moving up a grade, the end of the school year is a time to celebrate! We love traditions for special milestones, so start one with your kids this June!

You may know by now that the momstown team loves the annual visit to Fern Resort. For this spring's conference, we were able to see all around the resort and find even more reasons to visit Fern Resort with our families this summer!

Weaning your baby to solids can be a stressful time for most parents. The most important message I want to convey to parents is to try to “relax” through this process as much as possible. Your baby will guide you, let you know their likes and dislikes, how much they want and what textures they can handle. No matter what any regulations say, follow your baby’s cues. I hope this next stage is a wonderful time in your child’s development, but if you are confused or not sure at all, reach out.