This Christmas, momstown's Sarah McLaughlin is giving her daughter the gift of fun, creative experiences. Learn how you can put together your own DIY letter-writing and no-sew-blanket kits.

by Sarah McLaughlin

Step back from the dizzying selection of toys and books out there. Take a deep breath. Now, gently scroll through our simple, clear gift guide and let momstown make things easy with our shortlist of must-haves.

With an eye on toy clutter, intrepid momstown staffer SARAH McLAUGHLIN put together science experiment kits for her kids this Christmas. Made with simple household supplies, this creative, educational gift promises hours of eye-opening fun

As they officially enter the Big Kid Zone, the holidays provide a nice reminder that they're still not too old for toys. Here are momstown's picks for kids ages 7 and up
By momstown staff

Meal Garden's new app offers a customizable, shareable cookbook, plans meals, orders groceries, and even arranges delivery. Check it out and enter to win free groceries ahead of the holidays

By Sonia Verma