Easter is fast approaching and momstown Finds has been on the hunt (pun intended!) for great items to take to the hostess for Easter dinner! Here are some of our favourites.

A backlash against the "I hate my thighs" onesie; If you can read my birth plan, you're standing too close; And baby names do not HAVE to be androgynous

By Sonia Verma

A rant -- not ours -- about themed holidays; a powerful ad about watching your words online; and a tear-jerker list of the heart-melting things kids do

Station Clock by Ryan McGuire

No one told me how fast a second pregnancy goes by. But now that we've found our doula, all I have to do is write out a birth plan, find child care for when I'm in labour, make my "hospital bag" list . . . and all the stuff on the other 9 pages of my to-do list

By Megan Powell

Whether you're about to have a baby or planning a first birthday party, odds are you're thinking about money a lot these days. momstown talks to an expert to help new parents figure out their finances before, during and after maternity leave

By Emma Reilly