6 Tips for Post-Partum Weight Loss

You birthed a beautiful baby and now are struggling with extra weight from your pregnancy. You are not alone! Most women feel uncomfortable with their weight after having baby. And the media, with spotlights on celebrities who seemingly shed the pounds fast and easily, only serves to reinforce for women feelings of disappointment, sometimes shock, at what a true, natural post-partum body looks like.

Why Taking your Prenatal Vitamins is good for you and for your baby

Is there really ever a "perfect time" to have a baby? Probably not. But there IS the right time to get you and your body healthy before you become pregnant!

My Daughter Needs Glasses

We made a trip to the optometrist last week and were told that my daughter likely needs glasses.

Where Is momstown This Month? - April 2014

Find momstown at Shows, Expos, and Business Conferences across the country this April. Come meet the momstown team face-to-face!

April 2nd is World Autism Day

Light It Up Blue for World Autism Day on April 2nd. Here are stories from moms with children who have Autism, early signs to be aware and words that help and hurt.