Etsy Creative Puppet Lab at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival

Etsy is pleased to announce its latest Canadian partnership with the TIFF Kids International Film Festival to offer the first-ever complimentary Etsy Creative Puppet Lab designed just for kids.

5 Car Seat Mistakes You might be making

Parents are making 5 serious mistakes when it comes to car seat safety. Here are the mistakes and how to avoid them so that your child is safe on the roads.

Having a 3D Ultrasound and 13 Great Reasons to Choose UC-Baby

We loved our experience with 3D ultrasound! If you still aren't sure about whether to book that appointment, here are the top reasons to choose UC-Baby.

Finding Autism Support For Parents

It has been 10 years since my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Back in those days, you got your diagnosis and you were sent on your way to deal with it. Very little information regarding treatment, agencies, education or help of any kind was provided. It was pretty much a “Yes, your son has autism… don’t hit yourself with the door on the way out” kind of an approach.

5 Simple Activities to Help Explain Easter to your Child

The kids might be excited to hunt for chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny but do they know the true meaning of Easter? Here are some simple activities that even young preschoolers can understand about this special time of year.