This month's theme for momstown programs across the country is Under The Sea. With their eye-popping illustrations and charming life lessons, these books will fascinate kids and charm adults.

Compiled by Ally Cooper

Summer unofficially kicks off this weekend across Canada. Check out momstown's region-by-region listing of real-mom approved local festivities to keep your family busy through the long weekend

My kid is starting to read, and every fresh page fills me elation. momstown has entire programs dedicated to literacy -- hundreds of moms across the country join them every week -- and we LOVE this awesome, age-specific list from Today's Parent

By Sonia Verma
National Editor

Long weekends are the best part of the spring and summer, so momstown has compiled our favourite activities to keep your family active, safe, learning and having fun together!

You know you’ll have a child some day, but it could three months, or three years. Either way, it can feel like eternity, and you can find yourself feeling like an outsider amid all the fuss over mom

By Jackie Gillard