Do people still need to be reminded not to be jerks? Also, why it's impossible to get anything done with the kid[s] around; coping with Daylight Savings; and two words that will change your life: Balloon Cannon

The miracle of life can do a real number on you. But knowledge is power, so if you have a friend about to have a baby, arm her with craisins, a spare phone charger, and a bag of maxi pads and boom, she's ready to go with the Flo.

By Sonia Verma

Cloth diapering has come a long way since our parents' days of finicky pins and plastic pants. I'm spending next to nothing on dipes for my second baby. Now if I can just get my spouse to commit to taking over the laundry again . . .

By Megan Powell

Coming up for air after watching Season 3 of House of Cards? Meet Frank Underwolf. And for those of you who ALSO have #TheDress fatigue, skip ahead to Vaginal Fallout. You won't be disappointed

By Sonia Verma

How do we raise our kids to respect the value of money, staving off the "gimme gimmes" but not making them anxious about it? Talk about money and set some ground rules, make budgeting a part of life, and don't waste your time on guilt when you don't hand them everything on a silver platter

By Louise Gleeson