Dav Pilkey portrait by Kai Suzuki

School was 'torture’ for Dav Pilkey, creator of the wildly popular Captain Underpants books. But the very things that once made him feel like a failure—dyslexia, hyperactivity, a silly streak—have brought him unimaginable success. So don't let learning differences hold you back, he tells kids—and parents

By Tara Wilson

A viral video reminds us to live in the moment; #BellLetsTalk reminds us to talk about what scares us; a Frozen parody reminds us to hide the CD in case of a snow day

By Sonia Verma

momstown communities across Canada are all about connecting real moms, every day, in person and online. Many women will tell you, “It was my moms' group that saved me," and a University of Waterloo study used momstown to show just how important these groups are to new mothers, and their mental health

Kids seem to take falling down in stride as they speed through the world. But what about the parents? As her son learns via the school of hard knocks, momstown's EMMA REILLY learns she sometimes has to let him get hurt

By Emma Reilly

From coast to coast, from sleep tips to restful crafts, our chapters have been hosting sleep-focused events and activities. Here's what we've learned to help you survive those wakeful hours