Attention all new and expectant mommies: The Baby Show is back in town! The perfect opportunity to learn about the newest products to best care for you and your baby, The Baby Show is Toronto’s premium pregnancy and early parenting event.

With an active two year old and a newborn, life is fun and full of surprises. Like all moms, I’m pretty busy – meaning that I appreciate all the help I can get in the potty training department.

Canada’s MediaNation will support the growing momstown community with programming and resources for parents across the country. Stay tuned!

We're often afraid to ask for help, or to vent, because we think we'll sound ungrateful or whiny. But we ARE grateful, for the thoughtful friends who push past the mom guilt, and the pragmatic ones who help make our lives easier

By Tara Wilson

Are you afraid to laugh without first crossing your legs? Pregnancy and birth do a number on pelvic floor muscles, and no one talks about it! Here's what experts say about treatment options and the secrecy surrounding a very common problem

By Jen Pinarski