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Do you watch what you eat? Well, your kids do. Also today: Tom Hanks' whole career in six clever minutes; Speaking up for #Project97; And What Would Mom Do?

By Sonia Verma

Like an Olympic sport, beating the morning rush requires skill, dedication, hard work, and grit. momstown's parent-tested tips will help you get ahead of the clock and save your serenity on school days

By Kristi York

Hockey Moms, you've made it! The season is ending, and it's nearly time for the kids' last game, celebration and "tournament." Pint-sized players and parents will both love our easy ideas to celebrate a great season

Even this skeptic is impressed by the star's well-reasoned, candid explanation of her decision to have her ovaries removed, triggering early menopause. It can't have been an easy choice, even if it was a clear one. Also today: The Queen of Soul; A tearjerker pregnancy announcement, and #foundbunny wins hearts around the globe

By Sonia Verma