Strong and gentle, able to stretch for miles to handle the worst, these are basically mom in paper towel form

By momstown staff

We're often afraid to ask for help, or to vent, because we think we'll sound ungrateful or whiny. But we ARE grateful, for the thoughtful friends who push past the mom guilt, and the pragmatic ones who help make our lives easier

By Tara Wilson

Are you afraid to laugh without first crossing your legs? Pregnancy and birth do a number on pelvic floor muscles, and no one talks about it! Here's what experts say about treatment options and the secrecy surrounding a very common problem

By Jen Pinarski

Husband, father, thinker. Wife, mother, businesswoman. Though I didn't know them personally, I followed Dave Goldberg and Sheryl Sandberg's power partnership, and drew inspiration from them. And like their lives, their tragedy resonates with me, and with millions of others

By Ann-Marie Burton
momstown President

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada. Children with severe food allergies, especially pre-verbal kids, rely heavily not just on schools and caregivers, but also on other parents to keep them safe

By Erin Alvarez