In the age of sexting and social media, the better we teach our kids, the better equipped they'll be to make good choices. But really, an updated sex-ed curriculum should just continue a dialogue that starts with us at home

By Louise Gleeson

Outraged by the style and content of an abstinence-heavy lesson, a Michigan professor takes to Twitter. Her experience seems extra relevant to Ontarians, whose children will soon be taught a revised sex-ed curriculum

By Sonia Verma

To know twins is to know the twin risks: always measuring one against the other; and forgetting that they are separate, complicated little individuals

By Jenna Morton

I was an avid gardener from when I was a small girl working alongside my mom in the garden. Three children later, I’ve honed some tips to share with you to make your outdoor living space easy and look great!

Guest Post by Claudia Harvey

The weather is finally changing, and whether it's a wild wind or rain play, kids are fascinated by it! Here are some great books about understanding and enjoying nature and its moods