Dealing with trauma is hard for an imagine what it must do for a child. Here are a few pointers on how to help your child cope with trauma.

Last week I had to step out of the arena during one of my daughter’s hockey games to take a phone call. As I was talking on the phone, I noticed a kid had plugged the indoor water fountain and was allowing water to spill over onto the floor. He was also spraying the water from the spout causing a tsunami like effect which also wet the floor.

Taking a picture of your baby in a pumpkin patch, having your toddler choose the perfect pumpkin, or discovering all of the pumpkin varieties with your preschooler... there is always a reason to visit a pumpkin patch this fall! We've found the best, family-friendly pumpkin patches in your town.

It was one of those stunning fall days. Crisp, cool air, blue sky and stunning colour on the trees.

But again, it was just another busy Friday. Head down, I shuttled kids to school, ran an errand, back to the home office, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

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