• Step back from the dizzying selection of toys and books out there. Take a deep breath. Now, gently scroll through our simple, clear gift guide and let momstown make things easy with our short list of must-haves.

  • It's that time of year where moms buy the perfect outfit, get the kids to hold still for a special hairstyle and then head to their local mall to visit with Santa. Some kids can't wait to see the jolly old guy in the red suit and whisper in his ear about...

  • With an eye on toy clutter, intrepid momstown staffer SARAH McLAUGHLIN put together science experiment kits for her kids this Christmas. Made with simple household supplies, this creative, educational gift promises hours of eye-opening fun

  • Santa sightings are all across Canada - from town parades, to mall visits, to special Santa experiences. We've got a roundup of where to find Santa from coast to coast this holiday season!
    By momstown.ca Staff

  • 5 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

    As soon as December 1st hits, the kids are in countdown mode for Christmas! With little treats along the way, being patient has it's rewards. It's fun to make your own advent calendar and personalize it for your children. We've got simple ideas to make...

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This Christmas, momstown's Sarah McLaughlin is giving her daughter the gift of fun, creative experiences. Learn how you can put together your own DIY letter-writing and no-sew-blanket kits.

by Sarah McLaughlin

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